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Item Combining - Guide

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Turquoise Slayer Helmet = Vorkath Head + Full Slayer Helmet

Vorkath Cape = Vorkath Head + Graceful Cape

Raids Cape = Cyan Crystal + Mythical Cape

Hydra cape = Deadman's Cape + Hydra's Eye

Corp Cape = Graceful Cape + Stone Tablet

Great Olm Slayer Helmet = Full Slayer Helmet + Great Olm's Crystal

Ancient Wyvern Shield = Wyvern Visage + Black d'hide Shield





Avernic Defender = Avernic Defender Hilt + Avernic Defender (broken)

Dragon Defender (T) = Dragon Metal Lump + Dragon Defender (Broken)

Superior Olmlet = Olmlet + Superior Scroll

Superior Zuk = TzRek-Zuk + Superior Scroll

Superior Vorky = Vorki + Superior Scroll

Infernal Max Cape = Infernal Cape + Infernal Eel

Dragon Hunter Lance = Zamorakian Hasta + Hydra's Claw

Necklace of Anguish (OR) = Necklace of Anguish + Anguish Ornament Kit






Flame Gloves (e) = Flame Gloves + Fire of Nourishment

Fire Cape (Fixed) = Fire of Dehumidification+ Fire Cape (Broken)

Fire Max Cape (Broken) = Max Cape + Fire Cape

Fire Max Cape = Fire Max Cape (Broken) + Fire of Eternal Light






Verzik Cape Tier 2 = Sinhaza Shroud Tier 1 + Energy Disk (Level 1)

Verzik Cape Tier 3 = Sinhaza Shroud Tier 2 + Energy Disk (Level 2)

Verzik Cape Tier 4 = Sinhaza Shroud Tier 3 + Energy Disk (Level 3)

Verzik Cape Tier 5 = Sinhaza Shroud Tier 4 + Energy Disk (Level 4)

Verzik's Cape (Completed) = Sinhaza Shroud Tier 5 + Disk of Returning







Fire Twisted Bow = Twisted Bow + Olm's Fire + Tome of Fire

Light Twisted Bow = Fire Twisted Bow + Orb of Light + Tome of Glorious Deeds

Scythe of Vitur X = Scythe of Vitur + Scythe of Vitur + Verzik's Crystal Shard

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