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[1.3] Server - Updates (New Donation Ratios | Drops Simulator | Superior Chest bug fixes)

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New Donation Ratios

- Re-designed Server-Discord bot messages.
- Added 'Drop Simulator' system with interface.
- Fixed `Scythe of Vitur`'s item ID on collection logs system.
- Getting a rare drop from Raids 2/ToB will now also announce on #raids-2-tob channel on Discord.
- Fixed `Vote 100 times` display text on achievements list.
- Fixed `Superior Chest` not giving rewards bug.
- Fixed `Demonic Armadyl Godsword`'s examine description.
- Ancient Wyvern will now give boss points.
- Added 'Ancient Wyvern' boss to collection logs.
- Updated Ghrazi Rapier's item value ingame.
- Updated Ring of Bosses's item value ingame.
- Updated Sacred Clay's pieces item value ingame.
- Updated Sagittarian's pieces item value ingame.
- Updated Celestial's pieces item value ingame.
- Updated Demonic Spirit Shield's item value ingame.
- Updated Toxic Blowpipe's item value ingame.
- Updated Magma Toxic Blowpipe's item value ingame.
- Updated Flame Gloves's item value ingame.
- Updated Elder Maul's item value ingame.



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