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[1.2] Server - Minor updates

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- Tweaked tasks handling system for better core performance of the server.
- Reverted logout/combat timer to 5 seconds.
- 10 seconds logout/combat timer now only applies in the wilderness/safe PVP arena.
- All types of clue scrolls are now stackable.
- Removed some useless questions in the Trivia system.
- Fixed collection logs system not tracking clue scroll rewards.
- Wilderness resource area woodcutting gold increased from 75k to 200k per cut.
- WesterFish's price (500 -> 2k) [AFK zone, located at north of home bank]
- Mysterious Herb's price (1500 -> 3000) [AFK zone, located at south of home, near the crypts]
- Endarkened Juice's price (1000 -> 5000) [::afkzone]
- Gold fragment's price (6k -> 10000) [::goldtree]
- Juniper Logs's price (15k) [::rubytree]
- King Kurask will now give boss points.
- Reduced King Kurask's respawn time by 50%.
- Updated Superior Scythe's name in Collection Logs.
- Killing Superior Scythe will now increase Superior Chest's progress by 20% [Originally 10%] (If WOG is full) and 10% [Originially 5%] if not.
- Buffed Thammaron's Sceptre by 30%.
- Primal 2h Sword (b) has now proper combat styles.
- Disabled Anglerfish fishing in Max zone until further notice.


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