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  1. Hello everyone in scythe! Today I am re-opening the a clan that has been dormant for a while now but I feel it is the right time to re-open in full force. We originally founded years ago with a group of friends but now I want to open it up to the current players of scythe and build a powerful clan. What do we do? We do everything from skilling to running the wild you name it we can do it. The only requirement for now will be to be able to join our discord and ingame cc. Over the course of the next few weeks I will make the requirements harder to join Vannaka so get in while you can. PM Zixxen#9894 on discord for the clan invite with what type of player you are/can be ex: skiller, pvp, pvm, all etc As many of you have seen I have been hosting raids quite often, these "events" will soon be exclusive to Vannaka cc members. Hope to see you soon. Zixxen