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  1. This will be a new system where you can rent the below items for ingame GP per 24 hours If you want to rent any of these items please use the #item-rental channel on discord Sacred Clay Set - 5b/24h Scythe - 2b/24h Scythe X - 5b/24h Scythe XI - 10b/24h Celestial Set - 5b/24h Spiritbloom Set - 10b/24h Sanguinesti Staff - 5b/24h Sanguinesti Staff X - 10b/24h Sagittarian Set - 5b/24h Twisted Bow - 2b/24h Dark Twisted Bow - 5b/24h Fire Twisted Bow - 8b/24h Light Twisted Bow - 10b/24h