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    • New Donation Ratios Visit: https://scythe-ps.com/store/   - Re-designed Server-Discord bot messages. - Added 'Drop Simulator' system with interface. - Fixed `Scythe of Vitur`'s item ID on collection logs system. - Getting a rare drop from Raids 2/ToB will now also announce on #raids-2-tob channel on Discord. - Fixed `Vote 100 times` display text on achievements list. - Fixed `Superior Chest` not giving rewards bug. - Fixed `Demonic Armadyl Godsword`'s examine description. - Ancient Wyvern will now give boss points. - Added 'Ancient Wyvern' boss to collection logs. - Updated Ghrazi Rapier's item value ingame. - Updated Ring of Bosses's item value ingame. - Updated Sacred Clay's pieces item value ingame. - Updated Sagittarian's pieces item value ingame. - Updated Celestial's pieces item value ingame. - Updated Demonic Spirit Shield's item value ingame. - Updated Toxic Blowpipe's item value ingame. - Updated Magma Toxic Blowpipe's item value ingame. - Updated Flame Gloves's item value ingame. - Updated Elder Maul's item value ingame.
    • - Tweaked tasks handling system for better core performance of the server. - Reverted logout/combat timer to 5 seconds. - 10 seconds logout/combat timer now only applies in the wilderness/safe PVP arena. - All types of clue scrolls are now stackable. - Removed some useless questions in the Trivia system. - Fixed collection logs system not tracking clue scroll rewards. - Wilderness resource area woodcutting gold increased from 75k to 200k per cut. - WesterFish's price (500 -> 2k) [AFK zone, located at north of home bank] - Mysterious Herb's price (1500 -> 3000) [AFK zone, located at south of home, near the crypts] - Endarkened Juice's price (1000 -> 5000) [::afkzone] - Gold fragment's price (6k -> 10000) [::goldtree] - Juniper Logs's price (15k) [::rubytree] - King Kurask will now give boss points. - Reduced King Kurask's respawn time by 50%. - Updated Superior Scythe's name in Collection Logs. - Killing Superior Scythe will now increase Superior Chest's progress by 20% [Originally 10%] (If WOG is full) and 10% [Originially 5%] if not. - Buffed Thammaron's Sceptre by 30%. - Primal 2h Sword (b) has now proper combat styles. - Disabled Anglerfish fishing in Max zone until further notice.  
    • Heyy fellas!  I'm new to Scythe-PS and I'm proud to say I've enjoyed my time on here so far... very nice community & lots of unique content. No disappointments... Possibly 1 of the greatest servers of 2020, keep up the good work! ❤️  It will be a fun grind for me & I'm hoping to meet all of you in-game sometime  😀   Cya around!   Kind Regards, Isabella  
    • Hello Everybody! My Name Is Kory AKA Zeus In-game, I Am A 27 Year Old Dedicated Gamer. I Have Played Runescape For 15 Years Now And I've Also Played RSPS For 10 Years As Well, I've Also Ran RSPS's Which I will not Disclose Their Names For Advertisement Rule Purposes. I Am A Fun, Chill-ax Type of Person But Get On My Bad Side And You Might Not Like It 😛 Just Saying LOL, other than that you probably will enjoy my time very much I am Great To Get Along With I Love To Talk, Hang Out, Do Some PVMING And Sometimes PVP ( Which Not Very Good At Never Really PKed much on RS2/RS3/OSRS Just A FashionScaper/Work On Them Skills AKA GAINZZZZ 🙂 😛 😄. I'd Also Would Hopefully Can Become A Part of The Staff Team Here On Scythe To Help Out With This Very Very Wonderful Gaming Community, You Don't Find Much Good RSPS Anymore That Are Friendly Loving And Caring Which Is A Rarity It Seems Like These Days 😄 😛. Well I Can't Think Of Much More So Whenever I Do I'll Be Glad To Share It Will Yall! See Ya In-Game LADS!  Peace-out, Zeus
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